ReMember the Church

A local church member is part of the Church at large/global because of their local membership of the “branch” that is connected to its ultimate leader – Jesus Christ.  Membership is required everywhere you go.   The gym says “sure have a workout on us,” but your next trip to the gym will be to confirm and sign on the dotted line.  You join.  It will also cost you something.  Joining an organization will cost you Time.   Everything cost us time.  It will also cost you Money.  Everything cost us money.  Faithfulness will be given and submitted by you to be a successful, beneficial member of the organization.  Discipline is when a person personally accepts and implements all that the organization mission and purpose.  The Church and its local expression are no different and much more serious.  Eternal serious. Read More


Series in the Book of Proverbs
Making Space: Doing What Matters Most

Solomon. The name speaks without describing it. Even people who do not attend church know his name. Wisdom. This is the one-word description of his name. He asked God for it. He got it. Solomon father, David, was described as a “man after God’s own heart.” Solomon was awarded some items that his father did not receive. Namely—-Solomon was awarded as the builder of the first Temple of God. Even as a great contractor of the Lord, Solomon wrestled with some deep serious, mind-bending-perplexing concepts that would make the miserable more miserable. Solomon admitted that it was miserable in the Book of Ecclesiastes. Space in our hearts and minds is needed for wisdom. This new TCAA sermon series will explore Solomon’s breakthrough moments in God’s granting of wisdom “little” guiding-maxims that still penetrate the human heart and mind even this day. One could surmise that Solomon was “making space for what matters the most.” This came from his incredible rap sheet of bad choices that speak long after they are committed. The opposite of a bad choice is “wisdom.” We all need to “make space for what matters the most.” Time to make room. Read More

Freed – Up

Are you looking to become the following:  Diligent Earner, Generous Giver, Wise Saver, Cautious Debtor, Prudent Spender? Learn what the Bible says about finances and how to implement biblical principles into daily financial living. Read More


This is a new group at TCAA and we are excited to start it! Our Singles Ministry will begin Sunday, September 9th, 6pm in Building A, Room 110. This group will be led by Travis Linser, should you have any questions do not hesitate to email or text @ 602-572-4443.

Hispanic Small Group

TCAA is excited to announce our Hispanic Small Group, led by Jose & Michelle Catarino. The small group will start meeting Sunday, September 9 at 11am, Building A, Room 110. For more information please contact Jose Catarino.


 The Book of Exodus is simply named after the word “exit.”  Merely, the book of Exodus is about God’s people “exiting” a country that has held them captive.  This country was Egypt.  Years earlier, for the sons of Jacob, Egypt was a place of salvation through their sold, slave brother, Joseph.  Joseph was supernaturally placed for God to do what he does best—He glorifies His name and He saves His people.  God does the unthinkable and impossible.  Through the sin of brothers selling their brother Joseph into slavery, God worked everything to the good. At a point in time, years after the slavery deal, there’s a famine all over the world and Egypt is managed by Joseph who receives second in command of this country.  Jacob, Joseph’s father and also pre-named “Israel,” and his 11 other sons are saved and so is the nation Israel.

Four hundred years later these Hebrews have been blessed by God.   Their prosperity and fortune caught the eye of the new Pharaoh, the ruler of Egypt.  He is not enjoyed by the Hebrews population growth.  Pharaoh places them into labor camps and increasingly raising the degree of difficulty.  Pharaoh loves it.  God doesn’t love it.  It is time for God’s deliverer. Moses.

Throughout the summer of 2018, our church will be studying chapter by chapter through the book of Exodus.  Learning God’s faithfulness to his people in the past will bring great encouragement to his faithfulness to us in the present and the future.

Exodus – Week 1
May 20, 2018 – Message by Randy Record

Exodus – Week 2
May 27, 2018 – Message by Randy Record

Exodus – Week 3
June 3, 2017 – Message by Steve Lyon

Exodus – Week 4
June 10, 2018 — Message by Randy Record

Exodus – Week 5
June 17, 2018 – Message by Randy Record

Exodus – Week 6
June 24, 2018 – Message by Randy Record

Exodus – Week 7
July 1, 2018 – Message by Randy Record

Exodus – Week 8
July 8, 2018 – Message by Steve Lyon

Exodus – Week 9
July 15, 2018 – Message by Randy Record

Exodus – Week 10
July 22, 2018 – Message by Randy Record

Exodus – Week 11
July 29, 2018 – Message by Randy Record

Exodus – Week 12
August 12, 2018 – Message by Randy Record


Blue Boxes

Hey! As you know we have been collecting items such as, crackers, pens, hand sanitizer, gum, and mints since January. These items are used to pack a care package for our first responders. We collected enough to bless our first Glendale PD. On Tuesday, August 17, our kids, youth and leaders came together and packed the boxes. The following week the items were delivered at various times. Many of you took time to come help deliver those boxes, THANK YOU. None of this would be possible if it were not for our amazing church family, bringing in donations and volunteering time to help. We are truly blessed and were able to give a little blessing to others. This isn’t the end of it, we have other departments and first responders we want to bless so keep bringing items in. We look forward to the next time. If you were unable to attend click here to see photos from the drop off.

Again, THANK YOU to our church, without you this would not be possible.

Russ Miller

We are excited to have Russ Miller back at TCAA. Russ will teach Sunday, August 5th at 8am, 9:30am, and 11am. Russ will come back Sunday afternoon to share additional information and to answer questions. Bring family, friends, and neighbors and join us as Russ discusses Old Earth Belief.



Mind Battlefield

Living life is like walking through battle zones.   There are a number of items that await to trip us up…worst yet—-try to destroy us.  Some explosives you can avoid; some you have to stop and disarm.

It has been said that life’s battles begin in the “mind.”   Our mind is a controlling “brain-center” in a war that encapsulates truth or encapsulates lies—-and often much of both.  It is an eight-inch lobe of storage for our body to receive commands and thoughts.  Our brain.  Everything that your body does first originate in your mind.  How does the mind relate to the brain?  Are they are same? What’s going in for the programming?  What’s coming out for production? Read More

Liv’N Advance

Today there is much talk about “living directives.”  Other terms are floating around these camps such as estate planning, Durable Power of Attorney, and living wills are just some of the end-of-life issues people are in research.  The issue is—being ready for the end of life.  The clock is moving us all closer.  Each day, every minute, seconds are ticking—each of us is marching daily toward this fact.  What’s your plan for the end of life?

Read More

Share Your Gospel Story

We would love to hear Your Gospel Story, adults, teens and children. Please tell us how you shared Jesus with someone either Mission Home (in the state of Arizona) or Mission Away (outside the state of Arizona or the country).

Mission Home/Mission Away Gospel Story Report Form


Ever since we were small children everything has changed except one. This one concept, this
solo-idea is never lost but seems to get hidden behind the hustle of life. This one thing: the coming of Christ.
This TCAA sermon series takes a serious reshuffling of the priority list in our lives and resets this one thing at the top — Jesus is coming back. He is coming back soon. As children, we always heard “Jesus is coming one day.” Preachers would say, “the Lord will be coming back at any time.” It seemed like it could be then, but we most likely made plans for the future. The Spirit of God, who testifies of Jesus only, has written in the hearts of true believers that our Lord is not only coming back one day—it is NOW…SOON. Read More

Look What’s Done

Hey All- Can you believe we are coming up on 1 year in our renovated building? Time has definitely gone by quickly. Although the Sanctuary is complete there were other items to be done through Time to Build which included, the Outdoor Welcome Center, Gaga Ball Pit, and our Outdoor Baptistry. We will continue to work toward finishing the outdoor Welcome Center and outdoor Baptistry, but for now, the GAGA BALL PIT is complete!! What fun our students will have. We would like to give a huge  SHOUT OUT to Dick Gruhl, Wayne Peterson and the Facilities Leadership for a job well done on the Gaga Ball Pit and for making it happen. We truly appreciate your hard work.

Let the Game Begin!!!!


Comparisons.  We all do them.  Whether cars, sports teams, high school accomplishments, promotions at works, sneakers, horsepower on my engine, the act of comparing make us feel better about ourselves when the time comes.  Our human accomplishments seem to fade when shifting from the physical to the spiritual.  Even with physical feats of strength and speed diminish quickly over the ever-expanding birthdays as they happen to us.  We need help.  Our bodies are fading.  Our eyes are dimming.  We need strength.  All of us need light to see; all need more light to see.  We quickly come to the end of our ropes in the comparison game. Read More