Hi Church Family- With 2018 behind us, it is time for the focus of 2019 to begin. Prayer-Share-Give! This will be a year of Praying for our future and what it will look like, Sharing the Gospel of Jesus to grow His Kingdom, and Giving to further God’s Kingdom. Commit today, with us, to pray for direction, the future, and for God to lead us. One way for us to have a constant reminder of what, as a church, we are praying for is by journaling our prayer requests. We will be providing, for $8, in the Welcome Center TCAA Prayer Journals. These will come in handy as throughout this year we will be journaling together prayers for TCAA and our future.

Pray-Share-Give with us in 2019!


TCAA Staff

Prayer Series

 Prayer changes things.  I’ve already heard that in several churches.  It’s true, in a perfect sense, that God can change things.  All things.  Think about the topic of prayer throughout the days of your life.  We all would most likely remember the Lord’s prayer being recited in churches and other events.  People have remembered that prayer by heart.  But it doesn’t seem that people have allowed the significance and provision of that prayer to be claimed and accepted in their personal lives.  Luke Chapter 11 claims “Lord, teach us to pray,” which the Lord Jesus gave the world the pattern-prayer that God honors.  The disciples ask this of Jesus because he was spending time in prayer at that moment.  He knew what it meant to say, “My Father…”.  We need to say again as disciples “teach us” again to the Master.  Teach us to pray. Read More

Worship With Us

Join us for a night of Worship Music, prayer & praise as we begin 2019. Child care will be available for birth thru kindergarten.


This is a great time of year.  Red and green start to appear.  There are days off of work, and our families are starting to gather more often.  The Thanksgiving-Christmas holiday season is a great time of year.  Christmas carols and cards are a reminder of much.  Carols should be sung year round.  Regardless of the events in our lives, this is a great time of year. Read More

ReMember the Church

A local church member is part of the Church at large/global because of their local membership of the “branch” that is connected to its ultimate leader – Jesus Christ.  Membership is required everywhere you go.   The gym says “sure have a workout on us,” but your next trip to the gym will be to confirm and sign on the dotted line.  You join.  It will also cost you something.  Joining an organization will cost you Time.   Everything cost us time.  It will also cost you Money.  Everything cost us money.  Faithfulness will be given and submitted by you to be a successful, beneficial member of the organization.  Discipline is when a person personally accepts and implements all that the organization mission and purpose.  The Church and its local expression are no different and much more serious.  Eternal serious. Read More


Series in the Book of Proverbs
Making Space: Doing What Matters Most

Solomon. The name speaks without describing it. Even people who do not attend church know his name. Wisdom. This is the one-word description of his name. He asked God for it. He got it. Solomon father, David, was described as a “man after God’s own heart.” Solomon was awarded some items that his father did not receive. Namely—-Solomon was awarded as the builder of the first Temple of God. Even as a great contractor of the Lord, Solomon wrestled with some deep serious, mind-bending-perplexing concepts that would make the miserable more miserable. Solomon admitted that it was miserable in the Book of Ecclesiastes. Space in our hearts and minds is needed for wisdom. This new TCAA sermon series will explore Solomon’s breakthrough moments in God’s granting of wisdom “little” guiding-maxims that still penetrate the human heart and mind even this day. One could surmise that Solomon was “making space for what matters the most.” This came from his incredible rap sheet of bad choices that speak long after they are committed. The opposite of a bad choice is “wisdom.” We all need to “make space for what matters the most.” Time to make room. Read More

Freed – Up

Are you looking to become the following:  Diligent Earner, Generous Giver, Wise Saver, Cautious Debtor, Prudent Spender? Learn what the Bible says about finances and how to implement biblical principles into daily financial living. Read More


This is a new group at TCAA and we are excited to start it! Our Singles Ministry will begin Sunday, September 9th, 6pm in Building A, Room 110. This group will be led by Travis Linser, should you have any questions do not hesitate to email or text @ 602-572-4443.

Hispanic Small Group

TCAA is excited to announce our Hispanic Small Group, led by Jose & Michelle Catarino. The small group will start meeting Sunday, September 9 at 11am, Building A, Room 110. For more information please contact Jose Catarino.

Swing FORE Camp Golf Tourney

Would you like to help our kids get to camp while having some fun? Then you won’t want to miss our ‘Swing FORE Camp’ Golf Tournament on Sunday, November 4th at 12:30pm, Arizona Traditions Golf Resort. By playing you will help a TCAA child who has completed 3rd – 6th grade go to Centre Kid Camp in June 2019. Don’t like to golf, be a sponsor!

Last Day to register is Sunday, October 26th.

The cost is $70 per player, please click here to pay online as a golfer or to be a sponsor.

Once payment is made you will receive additional registration details via email. If you are not a TCAA Member, please contact Wayne Peterson, Tournament Director by email or text at 602-882-9980, once you have made payment in order to receive the additional registration details.


 The Book of Exodus is simply named after the word “exit.”  Merely, the book of Exodus is about God’s people “exiting” a country that has held them captive.  This country was Egypt.  Years earlier, for the sons of Jacob, Egypt was a place of salvation through their sold, slave brother, Joseph.  Joseph was supernaturally placed for God to do what he does best—He glorifies His name and He saves His people.  God does the unthinkable and impossible.  Through the sin of brothers selling their brother Joseph into slavery, God worked everything to the good. At a point in time, years after the slavery deal, there’s a famine all over the world and Egypt is managed by Joseph who receives second in command of this country.  Jacob, Joseph’s father and also pre-named “Israel,” and his 11 other sons are saved and so is the nation Israel.

Four hundred years later these Hebrews have been blessed by God.   Their prosperity and fortune caught the eye of the new Pharaoh, the ruler of Egypt.  He is not enjoyed by the Hebrews population growth.  Pharaoh places them into labor camps and increasingly raising the degree of difficulty.  Pharaoh loves it.  God doesn’t love it.  It is time for God’s deliverer. Moses.

Throughout the summer of 2018, our church will be studying chapter by chapter through the book of Exodus.  Learning God’s faithfulness to his people in the past will bring great encouragement to his faithfulness to us in the present and the future.

Exodus – Week 1
May 20, 2018 – Message by Randy Record

Exodus – Week 2
May 27, 2018 – Message by Randy Record

Exodus – Week 3
June 3, 2017 – Message by Steve Lyon

Exodus – Week 4
June 10, 2018 — Message by Randy Record

Exodus – Week 5
June 17, 2018 – Message by Randy Record

Exodus – Week 6
June 24, 2018 – Message by Randy Record

Exodus – Week 7
July 1, 2018 – Message by Randy Record

Exodus – Week 8
July 8, 2018 – Message by Steve Lyon

Exodus – Week 9
July 15, 2018 – Message by Randy Record

Exodus – Week 10
July 22, 2018 – Message by Randy Record

Exodus – Week 11
July 29, 2018 – Message by Randy Record

Exodus – Week 12
August 12, 2018 – Message by Randy Record


Blue Boxes

Hey! As you know we have been collecting items such as, crackers, pens, hand sanitizer, gum, and mints since January. These items are used to pack a care package for our first responders. We collected enough to bless our first Glendale PD. On Tuesday, August 17, our kids, youth and leaders came together and packed the boxes. The following week the items were delivered at various times. Many of you took time to come help deliver those boxes, THANK YOU. None of this would be possible if it were not for our amazing church family, bringing in donations and volunteering time to help. We are truly blessed and were able to give a little blessing to others. This isn’t the end of it, we have other departments and first responders we want to bless so keep bringing items in. We look forward to the next time. If you were unable to attend click here to see photos from the drop off.

Again, THANK YOU to our church, without you this would not be possible.

Russ Miller

We are excited to have Russ Miller back at TCAA. Russ will teach Sunday, August 5th at 8am, 9:30am, and 11am. Russ will come back Sunday afternoon to share additional information and to answer questions. Bring family, friends, and neighbors and join us as Russ discusses Old Earth Belief.