Ever since we were small children everything has changed except one. This one concept, this
solo-idea is never lost but seems to get hidden behind the hustle of life. This one thing: the coming of Christ.
This TCAA sermon series takes a serious reshuffling of the priority list in our lives and resets this one thing at the top — Jesus is coming back. He is coming back soon. As children, we always heard “Jesus is coming one day.” Preachers would say, “the Lord will be coming back at any time.” It seemed like it could be then, but we most likely made plans for the future. The Spirit of God, who testifies of Jesus only, has written in the hearts of true believers that our Lord is not only coming back one day—it is NOW…SOON.

Be encouraged. Don’t be afraid. This is our redeeming time. We are redeemed now by the
Spirit’s transformative power on earth through the acceptance the Gospel. We will be
redeemed SOON by His appearing through a new body of wholeness that only Jesus can give
at His appearing. Be encouraged Church—your redemption into the Kingdom of God is at
hand. Rejoice. Bring your Bible. Bring your expectation, it could happen today.

Coming Soon Week 1
January 7, 2018 – Message by Randy Record

Soon Week 2
January 16, 2018 – Message by Randy Record

Soon Week 3
January 21, 2018 – Message by Randy Record

Soon Week 4
January 28, 2018 – Message by Randy Record

Soon Week 6
February 11, 2018 – Message by Randy Record

Grand Canyon Tour

Grand Canyon Rim Trip

Date: Saturday, March 24, 2018
Time: 7am- TCAA Parking Lot
Return: 9pm- TCAA Parking Lot
Cost: $75 Adults
$59 Kids (8yrs old and older)
Deadline: Must Pay and Reserve by Thursday, February 8, 2018
***TCAA needs a minimum of 47 to pay by this date for the trip to occur…..


You Must…

  • Bring a sack lunch
  • Bring bottled water for each person in your party
  • Bring snacks for later in the day
  • You can bring a small soft cooler, it MUST fit under your seat


  • Camp Verde stop- order food to go, we will eat on the bus.

Dinner is not included in the price of the ticket. Come prepared to buy dinner.

Details and Considerations:

  • 14-hour trip
  • Kids are fine. Russ often takes Christian schools on tours.
  • It could be cold in March, with the possibility of snow or rain. Warm, rainproof coats, warm hats, sunglasses, lip balm, sunscreen, water bottle, small daypack to carry things in, camera, extremely comfortable walking shoes or hiking oriented shoes, etc.
  • The bus has a restroom, but we will be making extra stops during the drive.
  • View Creation Rock and see where the Flood layers meet the Creation Rock. “and,” Learn how sediments a mile deep have been removed from above the Canyon’s Rim.”

Please fill out and sign the Participation Waiver and return to church office during business hours Mon-Thurs 8:30am-3:30pm or on Sunday’s to the Welcome Center. If you are taking children you will need to fill one out, as Parent/Guardian, on their behalf.

You can pay online or via cash/check at the Welcome Center on Sunday’s.

Your name will NOT be put on the list until payment has been collected and waiver turned in.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call 623-572-7902 or email Shanna Conroy.




Look What’s Done

Hey All- Can you believe we are coming up on 1 year in our renovated building? Time has definitely gone by quickly. Although the Sanctuary is complete there were other items to be done through Time to Build which included, the Outdoor Welcome Center, Gaga Ball Pit, and our Outdoor Baptistry. We will continue to work toward finishing the outdoor Welcome Center and outdoor Baptistry, but for now, the GAGA BALL PIT is complete!! What fun our students will have. We would like to give a huge  SHOUT OUT to Dick Gruhl, Wayne Peterson and the Facilities Leadership for a job well done on the Gaga Ball Pit and for making it happen. We truly appreciate your hard work.

Let the Game Begin!!!!


Comparisons.  We all do them.  Whether cars, sports teams, high school accomplishments, promotions at works, sneakers, horsepower on my engine, the act of comparing make us feel better about ourselves when the time comes.  Our human accomplishments seem to fade when shifting from the physical to the spiritual.  Even with physical feats of strength and speed diminish quickly over the ever-expanding birthdays as they happen to us.  We need help.  Our bodies are fading.  Our eyes are dimming.  We need strength.  All of us need light to see; all need more light to see.  We quickly come to the end of our ropes in the comparison game. Read More

Tailgate Sunday

Join us Sunday December 31, 2017 at 11am for a family fun time of fellowship and food. We will do a potluck style lunch. Bring a dish to share. Let us bring in the New Year with family and friends. We have a special event for Mission Home that will be introduced on this day as well. Come looking for something exciting to happen and a good time. Register here! 


There will not be childcare or Children’s Bible study.

If you have any questions please contact the church office at 623-572-7902.

Christmas Eve at TCAA


Happy Birthday Jesus




The Anatomy of Thankfulness


Disaster Relief Beaumont Texas

We will be heading back to Beaumont Texas February 17-23, 2018 to help our sister church Bevil Oaks First Baptist Church. As many of you know, Bevil Oaks suffered significant damage by Hurricane Harvey. We sent a team in November to start the cleanup process, but we want to return and provide more assistance to not only the church but the community. For more information click here to obtain the Scoop Sheet that provides all the necessary details to decide if you are interested in going. If you need additional information or have additional questions please contact Wayne Peterson 

Almost Done

The addition of our Outdoor Welcome Center and Gaga Ball is almost complete. We have few things left. We are in the process of having counters on casters built for outside, that are welcoming and provide information to members, regular attenders, and guests. When those are complete the Outdoor Welcome Center will be ready.

We are waiting for turf for the Gaga Ball pit that will be a fun way for our kids to get out and have fun with their friends and new youth that come to church.

We are very excited to be winding down and checking off all the items off the TTB list. We are very excitied to use these new tools as a way of fulfilling our Vision: Connecting Lost People to a Mature Walk with Jesus.

Family Night @ TCAA

Join us on Tuesday nights for our new Family Night @ TCAA where all family programming is and you can pre-order a meal to enjoy with other families at 5:30pm in the main building. We will alternate meals between Chick-fil-A and Jason’s Deli. Each Thursday we will post a registration form for the meal that will be served on the following Tuesday which will be available until 12am Monday morning. The link will then be shut down for meals to be ordered in time for Tuesday.
Chick-fil-A Menu:
6 piece chicken nuggets, chips and a bottle of water for $4 per meal.
Chicken sandwich, chips and a bottle of water for $5 per meal.
Jason’s Deli Menu:
Turkey sandwich, chips, cookie, a bottle of water for $5 per meal.
Ham sandwich, chips, cookie, a bottle of water for $5 per meal.
You can register and pay all in the same place. Tuesday, February 20th we will have PIZZA. Click here to order your meal.


We are not completely finished with our remodel. Currently in the works is our out-door Welcome Center and Gaga Ball for the kids. Right now it is just concrete that can be seen, but soon it will be an outer fellowship area that will be great during those cool winter months in AZ. Keep a watch out as the building process continues and we transform the church.

~TCAA Staff

Harvest America

Harvest America was a HUGE success. Even when 1 soul is won over to God we should consider that a HUGE success. In this case many, many souls were won over to God. Thank you for all you did to make this event successful. Glory be to God for He is good all the time.

Check out the numbers!!!

Rio Vista’s Turkey Day

Our Partners at Rio Vista Center need 500 more turkeys to meet their goal of feeding 2,000 people and providing Thanksgiving meals to 500 families.
Read More

Playground Update

Now that the main sanctuary is complete, we start new phases. Going up now is the playground that our children requested. It is exciting that we will be able to fellowship after service together and our kids will have a playground to play and fellowship on. Conveniently located for parents to watch their kids and fellowship at the same time. Arizona has some beautiful days, once complete, we can stay a little longer and have a picnic on campus as if we were at a park.

Soon we will begin the process on our outdoor Welcome Center and Baptistry.