Give Series

Everyone is asking us to give. When you graduate from college it takes two weeks for you to receive a donation or gift envelope and a letter from the institution that you graduated.  “Could you buy a “brick” for our walk of fame?” Promises of a plaque on the wall with your name imprinted are real possibilities with your monetary generosity. You just literally finished writing the last check for your last semester classes and graduation fees. Today, even if you’re checking out at a department store…store clerks are asking us “do you want to “round-up” your purchase price to give to certain charities?” It doesn’t take long for the invitational opportunities to give to come flooding into your choice of “inbox.” The world’s system is competing for your “monetary attention.” Read More

Journey to The Cross

As a church, we started this year focusing on PRAYER.  Prayer is a word that simply states God’s children in grace speaking to him about life, others, and ourselves. Read More

Worship With Us

Join us for a night of Worship Music, prayer & praise. Child care will be available for birth thru kindergarten.

Share How

Sign up now for Share How! Class. Learn how to share the Gospel with others. We will have 2 different class times each week, Tuesday Nights will be open for everyone and Thursday Nights will be open for ladies only. Here is the schedule:

Tuesday Nights at 6:45pm in Room 206
Thursday Nights at 6:30 in the Children’s Building (Rock)

March 12 & 14:  FAITH Outline learning
March 19 & 21st:  FAITH Outline practice
March 26 & 28:  3 Circles Presentation learning
April 2 & 4:  3 Circles practice
April 9 & 11:  Easter GO Outreach & In-reach
April 16 & 18:  Easter GO Outreach & In-reach
Click here to sign up.
Still, have questions email us at hello!

48 Hours of Prayer

Join us for 48 Hours of Prayer. We will have a Prayer Tent set up and all you need to do is come and spend some quiet time with God. Pray for whatever is on your heart, pray for your family, pray for our church, pray for our leaders, and pray for our schools. There is so much need, ask through prayer and let God do the work. Sign up now for your time to come to the Prayer Tent and lay it at His feet.

The Prayer Tent will be up at 12pm on Friday, March 29 – 12pm, Sunday, March 31.
Sign Up! 

Swing Fore Camp

Swing Fore Camp is a way you can help our students get to camp. Our Student Ministry is fundraising to help raise money to get our Sr and Jr High students to camp this summer. So we are calling all Golfers to come out and have some fun while raising money to help a great cause. Don’t Golf? That’s okay, you can sponsor another golfer or donate to the student ministry camp fund. This is a good time you don’t want to miss. Come out and show your support.

Register now and secure your spot.

For questions, contact Wayne Peterson via text at 602.882.9980


Hi Church Family- With 2018 behind us, it is time for the focus of 2019 to begin. Prayer-Share-Give! This will be a year of Praying for our future and what it will look like, Sharing the Gospel of Jesus to grow His Kingdom, and Giving to further God’s Kingdom. Commit today, with us, to pray for direction, the future, and for God to lead us. One way for us to have a constant reminder of what, as a church, we are praying for is by journaling our prayer requests. We will be providing, for $8, in the Welcome Center TCAA Prayer Journals. These will come in handy as throughout this year we will be journaling together prayers for TCAA and our future.

Pray-Share-Give with us in 2019!


TCAA Staff

Prayer Series

 Prayer changes things.  I’ve already heard that in several churches.  It’s true, in a perfect sense, that God can change things.  All things.  Think about the topic of prayer throughout the days of your life.  We all would most likely remember the Lord’s prayer being recited in churches and other events.  People have remembered that prayer by heart.  But it doesn’t seem that people have allowed the significance and provision of that prayer to be claimed and accepted in their personal lives.  Luke Chapter 11 claims “Lord, teach us to pray,” which the Lord Jesus gave the world the pattern-prayer that God honors.  The disciples ask this of Jesus because he was spending time in prayer at that moment.  He knew what it meant to say, “My Father…”.  We need to say again as disciples “teach us” again to the Master.  Teach us to pray. Read More

Share Series

Share what you know.  Knowledge is of great quest today.  Google is synonymous with “gaining knowledge” or “finding new directions and places.”  We love to “share” secrets and be the person in “the know.”  How important is it to be in the “know?” Read More

Prayer Journal Set-up

Many have asked how to set up their journals. Pastor Randy has put together this guide. Feel free to print it out and save it or share it. There are also copies available in the Welcome Center.

Journal Set-Up Guide


Singles Weekend

Balancing life as a single young adult can be difficult. Maintaining good grades in school, working hard to be successful at your job, and keeping up with your relationships and social life is demanding.

Join TCAA Singles at UCYC Feb 22-24 for Young Adult Weekend (YAW) – a weekend full of teaching, worship, fun activities, community, but most importantly a weekend to rest.

Young Adult Weekend is an incredible event to encounter Jesus with a community of people that are the same age as you, and are living out similar experiences.

Young adults are often forgotten or overlooked. We want you to know that you’re not alone. For more information contact Travis Linser at 602.571.4443.

The cost is $75 per person:

Click here to register, last day to register is Friday, February 8th.


This is a great time of year.  Red and green start to appear.  There are days off of work, and our families are starting to gather more often.  The Thanksgiving-Christmas holiday season is a great time of year.  Christmas carols and cards are a reminder of much.  Carols should be sung year round.  Regardless of the events in our lives, this is a great time of year. Read More

ReMember the Church

A local church member is part of the Church at large/global because of their local membership of the “branch” that is connected to its ultimate leader – Jesus Christ.  Membership is required everywhere you go.   The gym says “sure have a workout on us,” but your next trip to the gym will be to confirm and sign on the dotted line.  You join.  It will also cost you something.  Joining an organization will cost you Time.   Everything cost us time.  It will also cost you Money.  Everything cost us money.  Faithfulness will be given and submitted by you to be a successful, beneficial member of the organization.  Discipline is when a person personally accepts and implements all that the organization mission and purpose.  The Church and its local expression are no different and much more serious.  Eternal serious. Read More