Exodus Summer Series

The Book of Exodus is simply named after the word “exit.”  Merely, the book of Exodus is about God’s people “exiting” a country that has held them captive.  This country was Egypt.  Years earlier, for the sons of Jacob, Egypt was a place of salvation through their sold, slave brother, Joseph.  Joseph was supernaturally placed for God to do what he does best—He glorifies His name and He saves His people.  God does the unthinkable and impossible.  Through the sin of brothers selling their brother Joseph into slavery, God worked everything to the good. At a point in time, years after the slavery deal, there’s a famine all over the world and Egypt is managed by Joseph who receives second in command of this country.  Jacob, Joseph’s father and also pre-named “Israel,” and his 11 other sons are saved and so is the nation Israel.

Four hundred years later these Hebrews have been blessed by God.   Their prosperity and fortune caught the eye of the new Pharaoh, the ruler of Egypt.  He is not enjoyed by the Hebrews population growth.  Pharaoh places them into labor camps and increasingly raising the degree of difficulty.  Pharaoh loves it.  God doesn’t love it.  It is time for God’s deliverer. Moses.

Throughout the summer of 2019,  our church will be studying chapter by chapter through the book of Exodus.  Learning God’s faithfulness to his people in the past will bring great encouragement to his faithfulness to us in the present and the future.