This is a great time of year.  Red and green start to appear.  There are days off of work, and our families are starting to gather more often.  The Thanksgiving-Christmas holiday season is a great time of year.  Christmas carols and cards are a reminder of much.  Carols should be sung year round.  Regardless of the events in our lives, this is a great time of year.

Many might find this time of year troublesome because of the festival spirit.  We don’t feel so festive.  Families could spark the reminder of pain.  Addictions seem to be at a heightened status.  Any weakness in our bodies is exposed by such a gander of time and fellowship.  Why?  Seems the center-point of all of our struggles comes down to one word, purpose.  We need a purpose.  Without purpose, everything else looks good.  Items of the world start promising us purpose if we partake.

Everyone needs a purpose. A purpose seems to be an ever elusive friend that needs to be found but the desire of the eyes and the lust of our flesh (1John 2:16) looks and searches in all the wrong places.  It was the country poet, Johnny Lee, who reminded us that we are “looking for love in all the wrong place.”  We look for love and find lust and addictions.  We look for love and find heartbreak by trusting in other people alone.  We look for love in all the wrong places.

We’ve all been “born” into this world without purpose.  Everyone seems hopeless.  Jesus himself said that the people are hopeless “like sheep without a shepherd” (Matt. 9:36).  The Bible states that sin has taken hold of us from the conception and inception of our lives.  Yes, fearfully and wonderfully made are we (Psalm 139). but born a sinner without a godly purpose are we all.  Restoration and deliverance are needed and needed much.

The Bible states that only one was “born” with a full purpose that was without sin.  He was protected in everyday life throughout the first Christmas.  He was protected from the devil.  He was shielded from King Herod.  His Father, God, is the great protector.  God delivered him through the Spirit to a young virgin girl who would carry our salvation to incarnation.  Jesus is the only one “born” with a singleness of purpose.  He came to save.

Jesus birth brings purpose to this world.  His birth brings purpose to our lives when and if we receive his finished work on the cross.  Jesus was born to bring us HOPE.  Jesus birth brought us LOVE and JOY.   PEACE was given through his birth.   Jesus is the Christ.   By receiving him as Savior and Lord, we, on earth, find the original purpose God had for us.  He is the great purpose giver.   Yes—-we celebrate once again——HE WAS BORN!

Born for Hope
November 25, 2018 – Message by Steve Lyon

Born for Love
December 2, 2018 – Message by Randy Record