Series in the Book of Proverbs
Making Space: Doing What Matters Most

Solomon. The name speaks without describing it. Even people who do not attend church know his name. Wisdom. This is the one-word description of his name. He asked God for it. He got it. Solomon father, David, was described as a “man after God’s own heart.” Solomon was awarded some items that his father did not receive. Namely—-Solomon was awarded as the builder of the first Temple of God. Even as a great contractor of the Lord, Solomon wrestled with some deep serious, mind-bending-perplexing concepts that would make the miserable more miserable. Solomon admitted that it was miserable in the Book of Ecclesiastes. Space in our hearts and minds is needed for wisdom. This new TCAA sermon series will explore Solomon’s breakthrough moments in God’s granting of wisdom “little” guiding-maxims that still penetrate the human heart and mind even this day. One could surmise that Solomon was “making space for what matters the most.” This came from his incredible rap sheet of bad choices that speak long after they are committed. The opposite of a bad choice is “wisdom.” We all need to “make space for what matters the most.” Time to make room.