Target UR Living

Target UR Living Sermon Series 

Daily life has an unparalleled way of widening its offerings to us by the hour. It will quickly offer opportunities to broaden our attention and engage us with so many items that our productivity is missing the most important target in life. The modern-day term “multitasking” insist that we can focus on many things at one time.  Even a computer will bog down with multiple things to do at one time. You can’t multitask when shooting an arrow. We are created for one focus. One theme. There will always be offerings and opportunities to invest ourselves into certain cultural themes, go to this place, to get involved in this organization, etc.  Rat race.  From old technology to the new speed of “smart-life”, we may be less productive than ever before. What if you could do one thing and do it well? Finish the task. Complete the mission.

TARGET UR LIVING is TCAA’s new sermon series to center on what the Lord desires for each of our lives. From our birth to the journey of living until now are we levelling at the intended target the Lord has for our lives? Since we are fearfully and wonderfully made, so how are we using His creation?  At this present time are we cultivated to do the Lord’s work? Do we charge ahead with the Gospel of Christ?  It’s time to hit the target of God’s will.  Jesus will provide powerful, centered aim for each of our careers to unswervingly affect the culture and point people toward the bullseye of what God desires.


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