We Are In

You have heard the news, right? We are in our newly renovated worship center! It has been a long journey but one that was guided by the hand of God. He is so faithful. We had our celebration on Sunday, January 29th. We have been in for close to 2 months and the Mission Cafe is already producing. We are currently in the process of planning our first TCAA Mission Trip to Cuba!!! How exciting is that?!?! We are looking forward to many more mission trips that will reap the benefits of Mission Cafe. Remember, our job is to stay faithful to our Vision: Connecting Lost People To A Mature Walk With Jesus. Who wouldn’t want to a part of something AMAZING!

We wouldn’t be here first and foremost without God, He has made everything possible, but we are thankful for all of you. You have given above and beyond your normal giving to make our building happen. The Youth are back in business in their building and we are in ours. Now let’s get to business and make God’s Kingdom bigger through our community involvement and missions locally and globally.

Bear with us as we revamp our Mission Page!

Thank you for all you do. Now get up and GO!