There is still time to RE-UP

Did you miss out on Re-Up Sunday? Well here is a little recap:

Our kids brought their banks back and to give to TTB. For those that are unfamiliar with our kid’s banks, in April our kid’s made personal commitments to TTB like their parents. They created banks and collected money. On Celebration Sunday they brought their full banks in and dropped the money into the roof of TCAA (not really the roof, but a picture! :)) It was awesome! Our kids were so happy to be a part of this big event. They took their banks home and continued throughout the summer to collect money for TTB. On RE-UP Sunday, they brought their banks back.

Our adults RE-UPed their original commitments and some made new commitments to TTB. Our church family took a tour of the new building (still under construction) to see what has been happening since July! It was a great time to explore and lots of questions were asked about how certain things will function, happen and so on when the new building is complete.

If you were not here don’t let that stop you. Click here and download the RE-UP commitment card to see how you can help. If your kids missed out on bringing their banks, bring em’ on back any time. Feel free to leave them on a table in the RAIN Building foyer or with an usher.

We are so excited to see how God is working and even more excited about the future at TCAA. We hope you will join us.

For any questions you have feel free to contact us at the church office or stop by.