Construction Has Begun

A lot has happened since our last blog update!

After VBS 2015, our kids went off to Children’s Camp and our youth had another exciting year at Zona, where they were joined by Pastor Randy! Not much happened the latter part of the year, except the finishing touches of the new Vision at TCAA and planning for the first part of 2016.

January 2016, things definitely went into overdrive. The transition of Pastor Dennis and Pastor Randy took place. Pastor Randy has taken his role as Senior Pastor of TCAA and Pastor Dennis as Associate Pastor/Founding Pastor. The final transition is planned for January 2017, Pastor Dennis will retire after 49+ years of being in ministry! Planning for TCAA Time to Build Campaign was in full swing!

Our focus was Nehemiah: Brick by Brick. We asked our congregation to pray about the commitment they would make toward Time to Build. Our desire is that God leads the hearts of his people to commit to Time to Build. During this time we had our kids, including youth, take part in the campaign. They made their personal commitments as well. Our children had Time to Build banks that they used to collect change.TTB Bank Slide

In February 2016 we began sending “Save the Dates” for our Dessert Celebration that would unveil the plan to rebrand TCAA and begin the process of rebuilding our sanctuary.

April 2016 we hosted a Dessert Celebration to announce Time to Build! This wasn’t just the beginning of a building campaign, it was the beginning of rebranding who we are, changing our mission! During this event we announced our new Vision Statement and gathered monetary commitments from the ones who attended the event. Our Vision:

13876474_1260269524013554_7969019937953678327_nConnect Lost People To A Mature Walk With Jesus.

May 2016 TCAA Celebrated! We held one service at 9:30am. Our children brought their banks full of money to give for Time to Build. They collected $2500.00 just in change!

13754550_1260269550680218_2956202053913567135_nJune 2016…CONSTRUCTION has begun! Our building should be complete by November 2016!

ReUp will be held September 25th, the kids will bring their banks back again! We are so excited for the changes being made at TCAA and for a new start in the rebuilt sanctuary this fall! The Journey continues.13925403_1260269520680221_7362442598548037558_n