Why do people squirm when you say, “I am a church member?” Our culture requires membership–Costco and Sam’s Club do! Membership is often misunderstood, misapplied or not applied at all.

Jesus’ followers in New Testament churches were in community. The reality of how community is expressed in Scripture has fallen on hard times. Many think of membership is like belonging to a select club—like the old American Express commercial where “membership has its privileges.” So they expect to get their way and to be served.

Paul doesn’t say the church is like a body, but is a “we are members of the body” in 1 Corinthians. The word “member” in the Bible is closely related to the medical word “member.” If you lose a finger or toe, you were dismembered. That is a tragic!

However, being separated from the body of believers is not tragic in our culture. It’s almost “normal.”

God makes us a part of the church, his larger family, when we are born again.

  • “I am a member” is a statement that I agree with God’s design for connectedness through the church.
  • “I am a member” is a statement that I will serve, share my story with others, care for others, pray for leaders, teach, give and die for the “sake of the Gospel.”
  • “I am a member” is a statement that I need others in my life to disciple me, encourage me, and help me on my spiritual journey.

Join us as for “I Am A Church Member” as we seek to love the Church, the Bride of Christ, and to love each other to bring glory to God!

Week 1 – I Am A Church Member: What Does That Mean For Me

10-18-2015 – Message by Dennis Adams


Week 2 – I Am A Church Member: I Am A Servant

10-25-2015 – Message by Dennis Adams



Week 3 – I Am A Church Member: Leading My Family

11-01-2015 – Message by Randy Record

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