Cindy’s Story

Last month, my daughter was on her way back to U of A to start her junior year. She was very excited and had her car filled to the brim with items she needed for the school year. About an hour and a half out of Phoenix, she said the car was not driving quite right, so she called me on speaker phone and asked to talk to her dad.

Just as I told her she should pull over I heard her lose control of the car and listened helplessly as she was in an accident.

I heard the car stop and then silence. I heard moaning, but she was not responding to me as I kept calling her name. A few minutes later I heard a man approach the car and talk to her, though I couldn’t understand what was being said.

After about five minutes someone finally found her phone and I was able to talk to her. She then handed the phone to the gentleman who had stopped to help her. He said my daughter told him I was a Christian. He said he believed he was sent by God to be there for my daughter. He said he was a doctor and that he thought she was physically fine, but as would be expected, emotionally unnerved.

It was only later after talking with my daughter that I found out what had happened. She had blown a tire going 80 mph. As she was skidding she knew that if she went left, she would go into oncoming traffic, so somehow she was able to go right across three lanes of traffic. The first miracle–she didn’t hit anyone.

Then she went down an embankment, we believe sideways, blowing out another tire. She was in an Explorer, which being a high profile vehicle tend to roll over. Second miracle–she didn’t roll the car.

She proceeded to tear out a fence and was stopped by wrapping the car around a telephone pole. Third miracle–she didn’t even hit her head when she stopped.

Several of the windows shattered and there was glass everywhere. Fourth miracle–she wasn’t cut. As it turned out she had whiplash, which is pretty minor considering the severity do the accident.

I believe that without divine intervention my daughter would not have survived that accident.

One of the first things I did after we picked her up and brought her home was to text my Christian lady friends. We often start a text prayer chain when we are dealing with difficult things In our lives, but this time I wanted something different. I wanted a prayer chain of thanks to go up to God for his intervention in this event!

God was not ready to take my daughter that day and I know in my heart that He must have something pretty wonderful in store for her. I thank him every day for giving me more time with her!