God Gives Direction to Give to Grow

TCAA Give to Grow Campaign

God calls a church to follow Him through reasoned decisions. TCAA has been through significant times of challenge and change.

Our reasoned decision to adopt “Give to Grow” was the result.

Acts 16:6-8 tells us how Paul and his team spent a lot of time “walking around” trying to find the next opening for the Gospel. They discovered through trial and error—slowly. We had our thoughts about how “Give to Grow” would work, but God has His ways.

So that reasoned decision led to a flurry of prayer, phone calls, more prayer, personal visits, more prayer and now the opportunity to call Randy Record as associate pastor to come alongside Pastor Dennis during a time of transition in his ministry over the next few years.

Randy brings TCAA his experience as a leader who knows how to reach out to those who are far from God, lead small groups, administrate large groups of leaders in the adult ministry of a mega-church, build teams, encourage people across the generational spectrum, preach and bring people together for Kingdom purposes.

Pastor Dennis believes Randy will play a key role in “revitalizing” TCAA. TCAA has been short staffed for years. We need new dynamics in the leadership mix at TCAA. We need someone who can lead TCAA as Pastor Dennis passes the baton.

Personal note from Pastor Dennis: Business leaders call this succession planning, but I like to call it legacy planning. My desire is to see TCAA healthy and vibrant so we can become more in the future than we have ever been in the past for God’s glory. Yes, things have been messy and we face some major challenges, but Jesus is the one who gives “us the strength to do anything.” My hope is Randy will earn the respect, trust and “followship” of TCAA so God will prompt us to set him apart. Like the church leaders in Antioch who heard the prompting of the Holy Spirit to set apart Paul and Barnabus for a ministry.

Leadership Council Presents Randy Record as Associate Pastor for TCAA Affirmation

The Leadership Council affirmed the search team’s unanimous recommendation to call Randy Record to serve The Church at Arrowhead as an associate pastor. The leadership council was unanimous in its affirmation. Randy will be at TCAA October 25-26.

  • There will be a time to meet Randy and to ask questions on Saturday evening, October 25 at 6 pm.
  • He will preach in all three Sunday services on October 26.

Members will vote by secret ballot at the end of each service and the call will require affirmation of 2/3 of members present.

David Heckman, Leadership Council chair, will serve as moderator.

Leadership Council Members in addition to David are Rob Neese, Dan Brown, Brian Jacobson, Graham Stevens, Tedd Harris, Ryan Horton and Don Smith. Pastor Dennis is an ex-officio member.

The Church at Arrowhead: Pastor Search Team Recommendation

The search team recommends Randy Record for the position of associate pastor, with the intent as a transition to Senior Pastor. The search team has evaluated the qualifications, gifts, and talents of Randy, along with his ability to be an effective pastor and leader of the church. It is the unanimous opinion of the search team that Randy will fulfill the need of the position and has the potential to be the successor to Pastor Dennis.

  • The team is impressed with Randy’s successful ministry track record in both adult and youth ministries.
  • The team feels that Randy has the leadership qualities and character traits to address the struggles and growth opportunities of the current church staff and congregation.
  • The team found Randy to be of high moral and spiritual character and attuned to God’s calling in his pursuit of this pastoral position and God’s plan for the transition of leadership at TCAA.
  • The team sees humility, thoughtfulness, discernment, and focus through the transparency in Randy’s communication and approach during the interview process.
  • The team believes that Randy possesses the necessary relationship and leadership skills to work through the transitional phase of the position of pastor during the next couple of years.

Search Team: Brad Perrin, Chair, Jennifer Sorcinelli, Brad Conroy, Graham Stevens and Dan Brown. Pastor Dennis was an ex-officio member.

Please pray for God’s will to continue to be revealed through this process.


Pastor Dennis Adams Signature - TCAA