Update From TCAA Member Kevin Rash

TCAA has endorsed Capt. Kevin Rash to serve as a chaplain in the USAF. Read this update and pray for Kevin, his family and ministry.

Hey TCAA Family! We are settling in here at Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico. It has been five months since we moved. Keri and the kids (along with Jessica Ardelean) moved in late June.  In August, the kids both started school and soccer. In fact, I write this to you from the soccer field watching Lillian, Reece and Miles practice.

The ministry is dynamic and challenging. The daily tempo or “ops tempo” is quite demanding. There are three primary plates I need to keep spinning: military officer plate, pastor plate and chaplain plate. These areas are definitely not mutually exclusive. However, sometimes one may compete with the other for priority. As a military officer, there are things that demand my attention like personal readiness, leading a project, etc. As a pastor, I need to be present to the needs of the Protestant Parish and empower the saints to accomplish their call as the Bride! As a chaplain, I need to be present to the needs of the units and associated personnel.

Here are some of the things I have the privilege of performing: counseling, workplace visitation, advising leadership (on issues regarding First Amendment freedom of religion etc), officiating worship services (including preaching, communion, baptisms, etc.), conducting retreats, praying in ceremonies (invocations), funerals, weddings, and whatever else pops up!

Please pray for the following:

  • Our Family’s Spiritual Health (Keri, Kevin, Lily, Reece, Miles and Grahm)
  • Men and Women of Team Holloman
  • The Holloman Chapel Team
  • The Holloman Protestant Parish (I’ll be taking over as the lead pastor of this parish in Dec).

That’s it for now! Thanks for empowering me to serve:)

It is exciting to see the work that God is doing in the Rash family. Please keep them in your prayers.


Pastor Dennis Adams Signature - TCAA