God’s Response To “Give to Grow”

TCAA Give to Grow Campaign

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

Consider what I say, for the Lord will give you understanding in everything. 2 Timothy 2:7

TCAA accepted the challenge of “Give to Grow” so we can staff for growth. You have already given $26,029 towards our goal of $85,000 over two years to call a youth/media pastor and a small groups/family pastor.

GOD AT WORK: That decision put in motion a series of events that reveal God’s heart and direction for the future He has planned for TCAA. Pray God gives us the faith of Hebrews 11:1 and the understanding of 2 Timothy 2:7!!

I shared our TCAA story at youth camp with Dr. David Johnson, Executive Director of the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention and Mitch McDonald, Missions’ Director for ASBC. God had already led them to meet with the staff of Highview Baptist Church in Louisville—one of the largest churches in Kentucky. Their request to Highview: “Send us pastors to Arizona who are called, equipped and prepared to minister in the Southwest.”

That’s where God allowed our Pastor to step into the plan He already set in motion. Randy Record has served in a variety of ministries at Highview for the past 11 years. Randy and Highview were already in process of forming a partnership for him to move with his family of 7 to Arizona. This call has been “simmering” for 10 years.

Randy and I prayed, talked and Skyped. We both “sensed” this was something God had set in motion so he came to Glendale on September 4-7. Randy and I talked, prayed, dreamed, and shared together. We were seeking to “understand” how God was at work in our lives, calling and Kingdom ministry at TCAA.

You can imagine the concerns of Randy’s wife, Susan, in regards to packing up a family of 7 for a move to Arizona. On his return, they prayed and have affirmation to pursue a ministry relationship with TCAA.

  • It was not a coincidence that our pastor went to youth camp.
  • It was not a coincidence that he shared our “Give to Grow” story with David and Mitch.
  • It was not a coincidence they met with leaders at Highview.
  • It was not a coincidence they would consider a partnership with TCAA to send one of their best to Arizona.
  • It was not a coincidence that Randy’s gift-mix, talents and abilities would bring much needed ministry experience to our faith family and not a coincidence that Randy’s family is fully supportive—including his 16-year-old daughter!

NEXT STEPS: Pastor Dennis and the leadership council prayed and met and asked God to reveal our next steps. The council appointed a search team to continue the process to seek God’s will in regards to calling Randy to join our pastoral staff. Pray for the search team: Brad Perrin, chair, Brad Conroy, Jennifer Sorcinelli, Graham Stevens and Dan Brown.

Randy, Susan and their 3 oldest children will be visiting Arizona this week (October 1-6). Randy will preach during all 3 services today. He and the search team will be together for a variety of meetings. Decisions about next steps will be made following Randy’s visit to TCAA.

FAITH REQUIRED: We “get” to step out in faith to join God where we see Him at work! We get to pray for direction, wisdom and understanding. We get to see the potential of God doing something unique at TCAA. We have the opportunity to launch into the future God has prepared for us in a way that God is the “only” explanation for what happens at TCAA!

Pastor Dennis Adams Signature - TCAA