Raise the Roof Update

TCAA Raise the Roof

SUNDAY, APRIL 13th at 6 p.m.: family meeting for Q and A in the Rain building.
The Collapse/Admin Team met on March 19th and made a unanimous decision to enter into a contract with Attorney Steve Guy to pursue TCAA’s claims against Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company. Mr. Guy comes highly recommended and is ranked in the top 5% of insurance attorneys in nation (The Best Lawyers in America, 2009-2013).

The decision was made after a lengthy discussion about the total costs of rebuilding, legal issues with our insurance policy, the failure of the company to settle the claim, the strategy and details of pursuing a claim, and the legal expertise of Steven S Guy.

Mr. Guy agreed to take our case on a partial contingency arrangement.

The team agreed to use a portion of the funds from the proceeds of the cell tower lease to pay our part of legal costs. This means TCAA’S financial plan (budget) will not be impacted by the legal action, nor will funds given by members be used to finance the legal action.

The admin team will meet to determine the best way to use these funds for our portion of legal costs and interest and/or payments on funds borrowed to rebuild the roof.

You can be assured the team is fully aware of the challenge we face in rebuilding without significant payment from the insurance company. This decision to pursue legal action is the best way to seek restitution from the insurance company to pay for demolition, rebuilding the roof, remodeling and furnishing the worship center, and reimbursing TCAA for business loss.

The team is following biblical principles to pursue our loss. The Bible does not say a Christian can never go to court. In fact, Paul appealed more than once to the legal system, exercising his right to defend himself under Roman law (Acts 16:37–40; 18:12–17; 22:15–29; 25:10–22). Paul taught in Romans 13 that God has established legal authorities for the purpose of upholding justice, punishing wrongdoers, and protecting the innocent. Consequently, legal action can be appropriate in criminal matters, cases of injury and damage covered by insurance, and other specified instances.