Raising the roof update

TCAA Raise the Roof

We received the official letter of denial for the roof collapse from Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company based on their engineering report that alleges there was an “imminent design flaw doomed to fail.” They accepted responsibility to pay for damaged/destroyed contents.

Brown and O’Haver will submit our contents claim to the insurance company. They have issued a rebuttal letter to ask Brotherhood Mutual to reconsider their denial and pay for all damage.  This is a process so we will wait on God’s timing, respond to the collapse as decisions are made and start planning for the remodel.

The TCAA family unanimously affirmed the recommendation from The Admin Team that TCAA borrow $250,000 from Compass Bank.

  • All loan documents have been signed and the funds from Compass Bank are available.
  • The contract for rebuilding the  roof is signed with Robert Porter Construction Company for approximately $108,000–which includes replacing the under-layment on the entire roof.
  • The loan will also be used to pay for demolition, repair of the wings and cleaning costs of approximately $90,000.
  • Approximately $15,000 is payable to Gervasio and Associates for their work as forensic engineers and in designing the new  trusses.

The Admin team approved a loan from a friend of TCAA for $100,000 at more favorable terms than the bank and will be interest only for 2 years. These funds would be “considered” part of the $250,000 and would be used to decrease our need to use the full loan amount from Compass Bank.

  • The Admin team is also in the process to approve the sale of the lease with AT&T on a cellular tower for $107,000. These funds would also be considered a part of the amount needed from Compass Bank and decrease our need to use all the funds available through the loan from the Bank.
  • TCAA members and attenders have given $13,400 to Raising the Roof!
  • The Administration office had water damage from the last storm so we are repairing the roof, ceiling, and replacing the carpet.

Schedule to put up new trusses and roof: Porter Construction will start prep work on September 30 and the projection is the repair, putting up new trusses, and re-tiling the entire roof will be completed by the end of October!

Pastor Dennis